About Us

At Waituna Creek School we look forward to working with you and your child to make their schooling both rewarding and positive.

Our Rooms are rich and vibrant environments with current technologies used to enhance the learning. With lower class numbers, we are committed to meeting the needs of all children, and ensuring their special attributes are valued.
Here at Waituna we value the importance of learning to read, write and develop numeracy skills for life and this is reflected in the strong evidence-based programmes we offer.

All areas of the New Zealand Curriculum are explored as part of our day-to-day programmes. Through observation and assessment, we place your child at their own instructional level within each subject area of the curriculum, group and teach them with others at that level, and continuously monitor their progress to ensure your child’s learning needs are being met.

Your child’s learning is shared with you throughout the term, not just at ‘report time’, and celebrating success is encouraged.

We have an open door policy and we strongly value the communication between home and school, as it is an integral part of your child’s learning.We are committed to providing a solid foundation for your child’s future education.

Waituna Creek will:

provide a stimulating and rich learning environment where individuals are valued and experience success;
create opportunities and provide experiences which will foster intellectual, physical and social skills, and promote cultural awareness;
encourage individuals to become positive, motivated, lifelong learners.

Other things Waituna Creek Offers: